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Rapid innovation and digital transformation aren’t easy for established organizations with legacy systems and processes. That’s why A.T. Kearney developed PRACTICAL Digital. We help established organizations navigate the practical challenges of prospering in the new economymoving at a pace that allows for both market-leading innovation and sustained growth. 


What We Do

We help organizations transform from the inside-out and at scale—taking the time to ask the right questions and truly understand what digital means for you.

How We Are Different

As a firm, A.T. Kearney is known for “getting things done.” It’s not only about ideas—it’s equally about execution and the ability to bring those ideas to life.

For each client engagement, we assemble the best minds and capabilities, from inside our own firm as well as from our network of world-class partners. Together, we work as one team with our clients to truly move the needle in ways that others only talk about. 

Participate in Digital Transformation Participate in Digital Transformation


Digital Business Forum
The Digital Business Forum (DBF) brings together thought leaders from organizations across industries, emerging startups, design agencies, government officials, and other thought provokers to discuss and explore digital trends and their transformative impacts. DBF events regularly take place in major cities around the globe.
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Digital Business Experience
The Digital Business Experience (DBX) is an experiential environment where A.T. Kearney and clients co-create and innovate to solve digital challenges in an accelerated timeframe. Unlike traditional ‘lab’ constructs which focus mainly on prototyping, DBX works with an extensive ecosystem of world-class partners to actually deliver—not just test—in record timeframes. DBX is unique in that it is a virtual platform that can operate wherever and whenever.
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Digital Center of Excellence
Agnostic when it comes to solutions, our Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) brings together enabling skills in areas ranging from experience design to artificial intelligence and analytics and combines them with hands-on experience with technologies such as 3D printing, facial recognition software, bitcoin, or drones—all with the goal not to build technology but to develop ideas. This team of highly focused digital experts constantly pushes to understand and shape the value digital brings to our clients’ businesses.
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PRACTICAL Digital Insights PRACTICAL Digital Insights