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Because we know that our long-term success will depend upon yours, we make every effort to hasten your progress along a clearly defined career path. You will advance along the path as rapidly as your abilities will allow. Click any title for more details about the position.



Partners are involved in senior client relationship development and management. They collaborate with CEOs to create long-term strategies and develop enduring relationships. Partners take an active role in the leadership of A.T. Kearney, developing future leaders and executing the business strategy for the firm. Partners at A.T. Kearney are elected to their position.


Principals are expected to manage large, complex engagements, build client relationships and contribute to business development. Principals at A.T. Kearney are elected to their position.


Managers at A.T. Kearney have project oversight on engagements. They are responsible for assigning specific tasks to the staff and making sure that the deliverables are scheduled and presented on time. Managers have opportunites for professional development and mentoring to help guide their career path and develop expertise in specific industry of service practices. Learn more


As an A.T. Kearney Associate, you will be involved in every phase of a consulting engagement, from pre-proposal research through final implementation. Almost immediately, you will join a project team, working at a client location, sharing your ideas, and addressing CEO-level issues. Our goal is to involve you in all phases of the consulting process, helping you hone your professional skills. Learn more

Senior Business Analyst

For individuals with either an advanced degree other than an MBA or an undergraduate degree plus several years of full-time relevant experience, the A.T. Kearney Senior Business Analyst position is an important bridge between Business Analyst and Associate. This position is designed to develop the talents of individuals who may not have received an MBA but possess relevant experience and a desire to learn the discipline of management consulting. Learn more

Business Analyst

Working with experienced consultants, Business Analysts develop models, perform complex analyses, and work on research assignments at both the office and client sites. Analysts often travel while on assignments, undertaking a broad range of activities while gaining exposure to the business world. They may also participate in marketing activities and the preparation of proposals for new engagement opportunities. Learn more