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Masters of Innovation

Building the Perpetually Innovative Company

Masters of Innovation is the manual for creating a sustainable, innovative organization, because innovation is not an art—it’s a capability. The past 15 years have brought a flood of how-to books about innovation, most of them stuffed with stories of startling eureka moments and charismatic leaders. These stories have little to teach business leaders about their own innovation capability.

But Masters of Innovation clearly and concisely explains how managers make innovation more than just a breakthrough moment. This book offers real experiences of the world’s best Innovators. These are not just the hot tech companies of the moment, but companies growing in traditional sectors—automotive, train travel, household appliances—where slow growth would be expected. Many have been in business for generations, and still they grow. Being innovative is a repeatable process that can be studied and learned, one that will sustain a company’s profitable growth for decades.

‟Innovation is not a fad restricted to technology sector – it is the most important and only sustainable source of economic growth for companies and countries. By providing a wide range of engaging case studies, Masters of Innovation highlights the practical ways that companies can continuously improve and execute their innovation strategies in an increasingly complex and competitive global business environment.”

—Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

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