Remarkable women, unique careers. Together with A.T. Kearney, women are creating inspiring and fulfilling professional lives. As their aspirations evolve through diverse life stages, their individual journeys progress and change too. Discover more about A.T. Kearney women’s career paths and our inclusive culture—where programs, networks, sponsors, and individuals come together to build a meaningful future.

Remarkable women at A.T. Kearney are shaping unique careers—hear their words. Remarkable women at A.T. Kearney are shaping unique careers—hear their words.

Growth in Women's Initiatives

Women are vital to the success of our firm. Today, over a quarter of our incoming graduate hires are women and we are on a journey toward having women make up half of our new hires. Forty percent of our women partners serve in leadership roles, such as geographical unit leaders, regional or global practice leaders or on the Senior Leadership Team, which today is composed 30% of women. As our world evolves, people are balancing work with other priorities, including family, education, and other aspirations. We make it a priority to design agile programs that shift to help our people achieve balance and fulfillment.

Since 2013, A.T. Kearney has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Firms for Working Mothers by Working Mother Magazine, and in 2016, A.T. Kearney was listed among the top 10. Four of our partners were also named to Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultants.  We are committed to the challenge of developing our programs and people to embrace diversity, drive innovation, and succeed in the marketplace.

Our core values include being forward-looking and collaborative. Women are essential to our aspiration to have a greater impact on the societies in which we work and become the most admired consulting firm.

A.T. Kearney programs include Success with FlexPathway for ParentsWorkSmart Program, and Sponsorship. In addition to these programs, the Women’s Network, helps support and connect women at all stages of life and all levels of the organization, providing them a platform to come together to discuss, innovate, and co-create with the firm.