A.T. Kearney has always valued diversity. Whatever the individual’s race, gender, or sexual orientation, our people know they can succeed here. Our goal is to continue to nurture and grow that inclusive culture. To that end, we sponsor an array of diversity networks.

Our global and local diversity networks reach out in several ways:

  • Assist in outreach efforts to raise candidates’ awareness of our firm’s policies
  • Provide a support network for members
  • Help members take advantage of both formal and informal mentoring opportunities
  • Offer opportunities for professional development
  • Work with leaders and all consultants to raise diversity awareness within A.T. Kearney
  • Strengthen diversity by bringing people from more diverse backgrounds to the firm

Our networks include the following:

Women’s Network

The Women’s Network is one of the longest-standing in the firm. We are committed to recruiting, advancing, and supporting women at A.T. Kearney in multiple areas including the following:

  • Increasing our ability to attract and recruit top women candidates at all levels. During the recruiting process, for example, candidates have access to junior consultants and leaders who provide the best information and advice to make a solid decision.
  • Reinforcing our ability to retain and advance leading women candidates:
    • Strengthening networks in our local offices and our global firm
    • Supporting career development, progression, and performance success
    • Improving the work-life balance for our people at various stages in their personal lives and careers
  • Providing forums and platforms for a broad businesswomen’s exchange, focusing on general management and industry-specific topics
  • Demonstrating A.T. Kearney’s commitment as a women-friendly place to develop a career

GALA: A.T. Kearney’s Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Employees, and Allies

GALA supports the distinct employment needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
A.T. Kearney employees. The group focuses on recruiting, developing, and retaining exceptionally talented people. As part of the firm’s ongoing recruiting at schools, GALA sponsors and participates in diversity events to build relationships with LGBT students in MBA and bachelor’s degree programs. By working with firm leaders and human resources to develop policies and programs, GALA also helps create and support a work environment that allows professionals to be themselves, feel appreciated in the workplace, and develop and advance professionally.

GALA members include consultants at all levels, in various industry and service practices as well as management services employees. In addition to LGBT employees, it also includes allies who support the network in developing an even more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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African American Network

The African American Network is a valuable group of colleagues who enrich and enhance each other’s professional and personal lives through mentoring, networking, and professional development. With a solid foundation in place, our members receive the support they need to succeed throughout their careers through a variety of programs:

  • Recruiting: A.T. Kearney seeks to attract outstanding, talented candidates through our multifaceted recruiting efforts. Our MBA JumpStart program, for example, is a forum for recruiting candidates for full-time hire. Our JumpStart Boot Camp is a full-day case workshop that helps prepare students for case interviews.
  • Professional development forums: Our professional development forums position consultants for success. These flagship events connect network members with the firm’s leadership, address key factors for a successful career, help our members stay connected, and provide professional growth opportunities.

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Hispanic Network

Within A.T. Kearney and the broader community, the Hispanic network promotes an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and respect. We promote A.T. Kearney’s diversity mission in support of the firm’s commitment to superior client service and business performance through the following activities:

  • Recruiting: In collaboration with A.T. Kearney’s recruiting team, the Hispanic network attracts outstanding, diverse talent through on-campus recruiting and national Hispanic conferences.
  • Professional development: Training events, guest speakers, and individual mentoring provide important opportunities for the network to support its members’ professional development and ongoing success.
  • Teambuilding: Social gatherings foster a spirit of camaraderie among employees whose unique backgrounds and perspectives contribute to a lively, energetic firm culture.

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